• Special heating mode that guarantess the quality of the impression.
  • The machine features continuous and constant current to ensure operation, minimize noise, and provide back and forth freely.
  • The machine has a thick blanket high temperature resistant tape has to seams, the length of the tape is 2/3 larger than the original.
  • With teflon surface that prevents oxidation and maintains the temperature on any suiface.
  • *With optional Power supply SPS, it has a system of continuous work where you can work 20 min after shutdown, ensures print Quality and protects the tape from the Blanket.
  • Correct Function of the deviation and the heat setting is very easy, the output funcction makes the life of electrical equipment last longer.
  • With the installation of the transfer belt for speed regulation, it makes the generator run smoother and more easily operate.
  • Powered by 4-Axis balanced location, it makes the Blanket operate more steadily & constantly.

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Heat Transfer Machine 1700+ is a excellent option to sublimate long runs of fabrics, this machine is special for sublimation in POLYESTER fabric.